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The Best Name Brands: Goulds Pumps | Franklin Motors | Square D Electrical

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Pump Installation & Repair

We handle a large variety of pump work whether it be just a normal house well to all the agricultural needs, even large turbines. The Pump Depot crew has the tools and expertise to work with any type of drop pipe, certa-lock pipe, steel pipe or poly we have you covered.

Electrical Work

When it comes to electrical work on the field it can be rather difficult to keep everything running smoothly and effectively. Pump Depot has all the electrical parts to get your pivots and pump panels up and running quickly so there is no downtime. We carry name brand products such Square D Schneider and Eaton. We stock all types of contactors, auxiliaries, HOA Switches as well as the contact blocks to go along with it even pivot transformers, surge suppressors, micro switches, fuse blocks fuses electrical splicers from all sizes and even heat shrink kits to get the job done right the first time.

Franklin Motors

Franklin is the leading brand when it comes to Motors. We keep a large inventory on 4″ and 6″ We Stock Franklin Motors like240v Single Phase and also 480v Three Phase¬† for all your irrigation well needs.

Gould's Pumps

 Goulds Water technology a xylem brand!

Goulds Pumps are engineered built and tested in USA providing the best quality effciency for a long lasting life here in West Texas! Goulds Pumps are known and recognized as one of the leading brands when it comes to irrigation pumps!

Square D Electrical Supplies

Square D is one of the Leading Brands when it comes to agricultural electrical needs! We always have Pump Panels in stock from Size 1 all the way up to Size 4 so we can handle all your Motor Needs. Even all the electrical coils, contactors overloads fuses and all the other components to go along with it.

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